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Friday, September 23, 2011

Reasons Not To Believe - By: Shannon R. Haas - srh4christ.blogspot.com

There are 3 basic and general reasons that can be summarized as to why the unbelieving world rejects biblical Christianity.  They fall into one or more of the following categories: Intellectual, Emotional, or Behavioral.

Intellectual:  In light of the mountain of Christian apologetic resources available that support the Bible, historically, scientifically, and prophetically; Christianity remains a stumbling block for those who can’t get past evolutionary, philosophical, cultural, religious, or traditional ideologies.  Their pride ultimately becomes the barrier to admitting that they may be in error.
2)   Emotional:  Another reason may be that they had a bad emotional experience with a Christian (or so-called “Christian”) as a child or adult, and refuse to accept biblical Christianity on that basis.  They may have otherwise had a bad experience at a church, or can’t imagine a God that would condemn anyone to hell, allow disease, famine, suffering, etc.
3)   Behavioral:  The final and probably more common reason that a person rejects biblical Christianity is because the life of surrender as a Christian does not suit their sin filled lifestyle of living as they please.  They do not want to be held to any biblical moral standard of accountability to a holy, righteous, and just God; and would rather be in control of their own life.   
For more information please see the article in the blog archive entitled:  Do All Roads Lead To God & Are There Moral Absolutes?


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