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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fatal betrayal of America - HR 1505

By Dr. Ed Berry
Now, we will discuss the last amended version of HR 1505 without Rehberg's proposed Sheriffs First amendment.
The last amended version of HR 1505 replaces Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with US Customs & Border Protection (CRB). However, it is difficult to accept CRB as divorced from its master.
DHS is a beast with "seven heads."
DHS is seven agencies wrapped into one:
  1. TSA – Transportation Security Administration
  2. CBP – US Customs & Border Protection
  3. CIS – US Citizenship & Immigration Services
  4. ICE – US Immigration &Customs Enforcement
  5. SS – US Secret Service
  6. FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency
  7. USCG – US Coast Guard
FEMA is the one with the small cages to put you in if you do not behave. TSA is the one that gives you a useless body scan before you get on an airplane, bus, etc. DHS is the one adding its sensors to streetlights around America and the promoter of E-Verify and Real ID as a cradle-to-grave biometric tracking system for every American. HR 2164 promotes E-Verify and it goes hand-in-hand with HR 1505. (See Tom DeWeese: "E-Verify and the Emerging Surveillance State")
Here are some facts:
  • DHS is forming an international surveillance network
  • DHS is implementing the Real ID program
  • Real ID originated in the UN International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
  • Real ID is a United Nations plan to control Americans and to rule the world.
  • DHS is taking its marching orders from the Southern Poverty Law Center.
The DHS big plan is to expand E-Verify into a global system. New technology is powerful and will become more powerful. Unless you stop DHS, it will control your life. When your government controls your life, you are their slave.
DHS will put your data in the world-wide DHS data banks assisted by DHS partners American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
The DHS goal is a one-size fits all international identification system using massive data banks that contain individual biometric information on nearly everyone in the world.
The DHS ordered specific changes to E-Verify to include biometric information and the use of enhanced photographs that measure and analyze the unique identifiable characteristics of a person's face into a numeric code, usable and in compliance with these international databases.
Your identifying facial number code will be read by a computer and they can track your face by cameras worldwide. In addition, DHS has expanded the number of data bases used by E-Verify to check on employees. E-Verify is a central tool to implement an international ID system. With it, the government will watch your every move and your freedom will be gone with the wind.
DHS representatives have openly stated they wish to create a national ID card that tells everything about its owner. DHS would like to implement E-Verify and Real ID using an RFID microchip placed somewhere in your body where it would be impossible to extract.
DHS will control your travel, food, and water.
Perhaps in response to an Executive Order in January 2013, when Obama or Hillary becomes our next president, DHS will begin forcefully inserting RFID chips into you and your fellow Americans. All they need to do is catch you in a TSA flight check or at one of their road stops. Once they find you without your RFID, they will insert one into you on the spot. Zap. The pain will wear off in about 4 hours. From that point on, you are theirs, baby.
DHS already claims (unconstitutionally) federal government authority it to set up road blocks and sensors anywhere it wishes on private land within 100 miles of our borders. HR 1505 allows DHS to put sensors everywhere within 100 miles of our borders. In time, their territory will expand to everywhere in America. If we don't stop them, we can expect to undergo body cavity scans and RFID insertions on our way to the grocery store.
If you know anything about how a database system works, you will understand that once you are tagged like a dog and once the DHS installs RFID sensors everywhere, even in wilderness areas, they can not only monitor you but also control everything you do. They will track you wherever you go and can limit where you go.
They will know who you meet with, what meetings you attend. They will know where you are even when you are traveling in your car on a highway. They will know when you buy fuel and how much. They can limit the amount of fuel you buy.
Consider these novelistic examples:
The DHS guy working in one of their border fortresses will see your ID pop up on his computer screen and say,
"Hey, look. There goes Fred Jones with his family trying to hike to Canada. Go get him!"
Or, if they have not yet inserted their RFID into you, the DHS guy will say,
"Hey, look. There goes someone without an RFID. Go get him and stick an RFID in him."
"Hey, look. There goes Ted Turner and Bill Gates with their families hiking in our wilderness area. They give us money. Let 'em go."
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