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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Evangelism: Our Most Sobering Task – By: Ray Comfort

          Late in December 1996, a large family gathered in Los Angeles for a joyous Christmas.  There were so many gathered that night, five of the children slept in the converted garage, kept warm during the night by an electric heater placed near the door.  During the early hours of the morning, the heater suddenly burst into flames, blocking the doorway.  In seconds, the room became a blazing inferno.  A frantic 911 call revealed the unspeakable terror as one of the children could be heard screaming, “I’m on fire!”  The distraught father rushed into the flames to try to save his beloved children, receiving burns to 50 percent of his body.  Tragically, all five children burned to death.  They died because steel bars on the windows had thwarted their escape.  There was only one door, and it was blocked by the flames.
          Imagine you are back in time, just minutes before the heater burst into flames.  You peer through the darkness at the peaceful sight of five sleeping youngsters, knowing that at any moment the room will erupt into an inferno and burn the flesh of horrified children.  Can you in good conscience walk away?  No!  You must awaken them, and warn them to run from that death trap!  If you don’t warn them, you are breaking the law.
          The world sleeps peacefully in the darkness of ignorance.  There is only one Door by which they may escape death.  The steel bars o sin prevent their salvation, and at the same time call for the flames of eternal justice.  What a fearful thing Judgment Day will be!  The fires of the wrath of Almighty God will burn for eternity.  The Church has been entrusted with the task of awakening them before it’s too late.  We cannot turn our backs and walk away in complacency.
          Think of how the father ran into the flames.  His love knew no bounds.  Our devotion to the sober task God has given us will be in direct proportion to our love for the lost.  There are only a few who run headlong into the flames to warn them to flee (Luke 10:2).
          Please be one of them.  We really have no choice.  The apostle Paul said, “Woe is me if I do not preach the gospel!” (1 Corinthians 9:16).  If you and I ignore a drowning child and let him die when we have the ability to save him, we are guilty of the crime of “depraved indifference.”  God forbid that any Christian should be guilty of that crime when it comes to those around us who are perishing.  We have an obligation to reach out to them.  The “Prince of Preachers,” Charles Spurgeon, said, “Have you no wish for others to be saved?  Then you are not saved yourself.  Be sure of that.”
          A Christian cannot be apathetic about the salvation of the world.  The love of God in him will motivate him to seek and save that which is lost.  You probably have a limited amount of time after your conversion to impact your unsaved friends and family with the Gospel.  After the initial shock of your conversion, they will put you in a neat little ribbon-tied box and keep you at arm’s length.  So it’s important that you take advantage of the short time you have while you still have their ears.
By: Ray Comfort
 Ray Comfort
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