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Friday, January 13, 2012

What About The ‘New Age’ Movement? A Summary Of Comparing Biblical Christianity To The New AgeShir

          Based on Eastern mysticism, Hinduism, and paganism.  Popularized in part by actress Shirley MacLaine (1934-) in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Beliefs vary.
Shirley Maclaine
          No holy book.  Use selected Bible passages; I Ching; Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist writings; and Native American beliefs.  Writings on astrology, mysticism, and magic.
          Everything and everyone is God.  God is an impersonal force or principle, not a person.  People have unlimited inner power and need to discover it.
          Jesus is not the one true God.  He is not a savior, but a spiritual model and guru, and is now an “ascended master.”  He was a New Ager who tapped into divine power in the same way that anyone can.  Many believe he went east to India or Tibet and learned mystical truths.  He did not rise physically from the dead, but “rose” into a higher spiritual realm.
The Holy Spirit:
          Sometimes considered a psychic force.  Man is divine and can experience psychic phenomena such as contacting unearthly beings.
          Need to offset bad karma with good karma.  Can tap into supernatural power through meditation, self-awareness, and “spirit guides.”  Followers use terms such as “reborn” to describe this new self-awareness.
          Human reincarnations occur until a person reaches oneness with God.  No eternal life as a resurrected person.  No literal heaven or hell.
Other Beliefs:
          Can include yoga, meditation, visualization, astrology, channeling, hypnosis, trances, and tarot card readings.  Use of crystals to get in harmony with God (Energy), for psychic healing, for contact with spirits, and for developing higher consciousness or other psychic powers.  Strive for world unity and peace.  Emphasis on holistic health.
From the Pamplet: Christianity, Cults, and Religions (7th Edition) by Rose Publishing. 
 Recommended video on the subject of the New Age:  The Lie Of The Serpent – The New Age And The End Times (180 min) by Adullam Films  

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