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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Diluting the Truth with Compromise: Kirk Cameron appears on The Glenn Beck Show to promote his new film 'Monumental'.

By: Shannon R. Haas
Revised from: Muddying the Waters with more Compromise
            It seems these days within the church that just when you think you have heard it all, another issue arises that blows the previous concerns out of the water. 
Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort on
The Way Of The Master
          In the past months I have been perplexed at the many once seemingly solid evangelicals who have went down the road of compromise.  Just in the last year we have seen figures in mainstream evangelicalism like; David Barton, Tim LaHaye, Franklin Graham, John PiperJames MacDonaldBeth Moorealong with many others, who have went the way of embracing or giving credibility to false teachers and/or false doctrines. 
            It has become known to me this past week (02-24-12) that Evangelist Kirk Cameron (who once seemingly took a firm commitment to upholding truth and protecting his own image), went on the Glenn Beck show promoting his new ‘Reconstructionist’ video (yet to be released) called, Monumental.  (It was of great disappointment to me as I enjoy Kirk’s evangelistic ministry with Ray Comfort and have many of their The Way of The Master resources).  What we can gather from the video trailer is that this film features an esoteric monument from 1859 that has some very questionable symbolism at best.  Even if this monument (hidden behind a grove of trees in residential Plymouth, MA) dubbed ‘The Monument to the Forefathers’ was legitimate, there are other much more serious matters that we ought to address.
          The first matter that I must ask Kirk is, “Why are you giving credibility to false teachers (like the Mormon Glenn Beck) and other very questionable figures featured in your film?  The Bible clearly teaches that we are not to make other brethren stumble in the faith and prop up false teachers in ecumenical unity (2 John 9-11, Romans 16:17, & 2 Corinthians 6:14). From these passages and many others we see that our God is a jealous God Who despises the yoking together with infidels for the sake of unity.  This association and establishment of spiritual enterprises (that embrace false teaching) results in nothing but confusion and chaos among the church and unbelieving world.
          The next question that I would ask Kirk is, “Why are you aligning yourself with questionable characters (with aberrant theology and eschatology) dedicated to Americanism and a monument instead of proclaiming the Word of God alone in fulfilling the ‘Great Commission’?  It says in Romans 1:16 that the Gospel “is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes….” We are not to be involved in ‘Reconstructionist’ theology to supposedly reclaim the culture when we know from the Word that it is futile.  Every month we are heading closer to what the Bible describes as a one world government under anti-christ (described in the books of Daniel, Revelation, and others).  America is losing its sovereignty by the day, especially under our current White House Administration, and someone who honestly believes that our American culture is going to return to Christianity through fasting and prayer is going against what the Word of God clearly teaches.  Besides, Jesus said in Matthew 16:26“For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?”  We are simply to “preach the Gospel” and be in pursuit of saving souls.
          Another good question we could ask Kirk is? What is your eschatology, and how do feel your association with Beck and others will affect others in evangelicalism?  Again, I can say that this will be nothing but an avenue for confusion and chaos that will devastate the church and those who might be seeking for the true gospel.  As others see Kirk with this association they may come to the conclusion that Beck’s gospel is no different than Kirks, and therefore, be given a false sense of security under a false Gospel.  It really does escape me as to how you can have such a powerful evangelism ministry (as Kirk Cameron has) and then go the way of promoting a ‘monument’ alongside false teachers as the means to supposedly bringing people to God.  I believe that he is simply deceived in this area.
          Much more could be said regarding the legitimacy of the ‘monument’ featured in this film and the historical motives surrounding it.  It has been pointed out by some ministries that this monument contains Masonic symbolism which has absolutely nothing to do with biblical Christianity.  I suggest that if you want an in depth critique of Monumental go to Brannon Howse’s website and listen to his radioarchive from 02/24/12 to 03/02/12.  He also has articles posted on his Worldview Weekend website regarding these developments.
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Shannon R. Haas


  1. Shannon,
    Can a person have in your view, the correct eschotology and the wrong theology at the same time? Or can they have the correct theology and end up with the wrong eschotology?

    One other question. Since Jesus said that some of his disciples wouldn't die before he returned with his holy angels in his kingdom, and they all died is just the facts. Was Jesus intentionally lieing to them? Did he just not know? Or did he mean the words that he spoke and changed his mind?

    Since it is quite clear that he said, that some of them wouldn't be dead before he returned.

  2. 1.) Eschotology is a component of theology. It is possible I believe to have correct eschotology and yet miss the essential theology for salavation (possibly because of what they have learned from others, etc.)

    2.) Jesus definitely did not lie, not know, or change his mind we can be sure of that. The sinless Son of God is incapable of such actions. If you're referring to John 21: 20-25 the Scriptures clearly state in verse 23..."Then went this saying abroad among the brethren, that that disciple should not die: yet Jesus said not unto him, He shall not die; but, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee?" Jesus was simply saying to Peter that it is none of his business to know what is to come. Jesus clearly said that the day and hour of His coming know one would know. (Matthew 24).

  3. 1). In addition to your first question....I definitely believe that one can have the right theology and then have the incorrect eschotology. This happens all the time with Christians I believe. I believe this is the case with Kirk Cameron and many others.