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Friday, April 20, 2012

Monumentally Disturbing - A Look At Kirk Cameron's Film 'Monumental' After It's Release

by Shannon R. Haas
          I’m sure many of you have now seen Monumental, and if not, maybe this live intro (from Kirk's home) to the film.  In this opening discussion does Kirk really believe the comments made by Glenn Beck (by his nodding and gestures)? http://web.gbtv.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=20318603&topic_id=24584158&tcid=vpp_copy_20318603&v=3  
          Is God really speaking to Beck (a professing Mormon and New Ager at best)?  If not, why is Kirk deceiving others with his gestures and words of approval?  He is giving credibility to an obvious false teacher, which is clearly forbidden in Scripture (2 John 9-11, Romans 16:17, & 2 Corinthians 6:14).
            As Christians, if we are to talk about God with others we are to speak of the true biblical Gospel without compromise, and not unite for the sake of a pagan monument (in attempts to bring futile cultural restoration).  Kirk’s message I believe is promoting post-millennialism, Reconstructionism, and dominion theology, which ultimately leads to ecumenicalism and hyper-apostasy.  Kirk talks so much of producing false converts In The Way Of The Master curriculum, but in actuality, his Monumental approach is one way you produce them within the church. 
            In light of the release of Monumental, I can assure you that Glenn Beck, Rick Warren, Jim Wallis, Word Faithers, Emergents, liberal Protestants, and some Charismatics are glowing over this clear co-opting of the church.
            I find it disturbing that Kirk lacks in giving any biblical support for this film, and refuses to go on any program critiquing Monumental.  He seems to give opponents the silent treatment (with no accountability), which is an utterly unbiblical approach as the Bible speaks repeatedly of reasoning together for truth.   He can no longer use the excuse of “you haven’t seen the film yet” now that it’s out.  In fact, now that we have seen the entire film it is even more disturbing than ever.
            I love Kirk Cameron, and have many of his The Way Of The Master materials in my own home library, but must reject his unbiblical agenda with Glenn Beck and Monumental

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