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Saturday, June 23, 2012

An Inside Look at Our Schools

By Phyllis Schlafly (Article Link) eagleforum.org         
          Do you really know what's going on at your child's school? A recent poll found that 77% of parents give their own child's school an A or a B. On June 25th, Phyllis spoke with a guest who thought his local schools were OK too — until he became a teacher.
          Anthony Caruso enjoyed 30 years as a successful engineer before he decided to teach math and science at his local high school. He was shocked to discover that even the "good" schools are not providing the quality education that he received only a generation ago.
         The major problems he encountered included a lack of discipline, a sex-saturated culture, political correctness, and low academic expectations. Maintaining order in the classroom is a "huge problem," said Caruso, with some school districts estimating that 30% of the school day is spent trying to discipline unruly students. Even in the rare instances where teachers have the right to permanently remove a student from their class, most won't for fear of retaliation from school administrators.
          Political correctness is another problem that has infected nearly every aspect of our schools. From primary school on, kids have man-made global warming, atheistic evolution, anti-Western multiculturalism and revisionist history drummed into their brains. "This next generation is being indoctrinated with the prevailing liberal philosophies in our nation," said Caruso.
          In response to a caller question, Caruso replied, "I would encourage any parent — get your kids out of public schools. We can only do so much — until our society changes, I don't think the schools will change."
          You can hear more about Caruso's teaching experiences and his solutions for fixing our schools in our show archives, found at EagleForum.org. There is also a link to purchase his book, titled Set Our Children Free.

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