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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Defend Marriage? Defend Genesis!

by: Ken Ham
            Did you know that many Christian leaders who appear on TV or speak on radio when they defend true marriage often give a poor answer?  They will usually mention that marriage has been around a long time and that our society depends on traditional marriage.  But ultimately, these Christians, though well intentioned, can’t be convincing using an argument like that.

            Sadly, many of these Christian leaders don’t use the Bible to make the true case for marriage, much less use the book of Genesis.  Genesis contains passages where God Himself instituted marriage.  But because many pastors and theologians reject a literal Genesis due to the influence of secular scientists, they typically avoid the Bible’s very first book.
            Yet the New Testament confirms the historicity of Genesis time and time again, including the origin of marriage.  In Matthew 19:4, Jesus Christ said the beginning of time.  Marriage did not occur millions of years after the world came to be.  Most Christian leaders, believing in an old earth, sadly doubt the historicity of Genesis, and thus are reluctant to use it to defend true marriage.
            Ultimately, Christians can’t reject Genesis and then effectively defend God’s plan for marriage.  During the upcoming national elections, that’s a positive biblical message to proclaim. AnswersInGenesis.org
Adapted from the August 7, 2012 broadcast of the Answers … with Ken Ham radio program.  For a listing of the several hundred stations that carry the program, visit www.AnswersInGenesis.org/radiolog.
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