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Friday, August 10, 2012

Sharing the Good News of Christ with Tracts

by: Rev. R. Lee Buer
            Often churches and individual believers become convicted about their lack of witnessing.  Giving Gospel tracts to people we meet or contact in everyday living may answer this need.  Evangelistic tracts are relatively inexpensive and can have names and contact information imprinted on the back.  Genuine inquirers are enabled to ask for assistance.
Tracts by livingwaters.com
            Sometimes individuals may refuse tracts or express disapproval.  Remember that the Lord Jesus was rejected by people, too.  This mild persecution is really aimed at Him so we should understand and willingly accept it.  Always pray for contacts and for the recipients of these messages.
            My wife and I have handed out various Gospel messages for many years and have concluded them with mail communications, including bill payments.  At times we have watched people immediately begin to read them and we have also seen some persons immediately discard them.  Often we are thanked for providing the tracts.
            Friendly comments welcome prospective readers.  “May I give you a message which is very important to me?” Or “I am interested in your response to this message.  Will you read it and call me with your response?”  Or “This pamphlet contains information as to just how Jesus Christ feels about you.  Would you please read it?”  Or “This is the best news I have ever received.  I’d like you to have it, too.”
            Our church invited people to commit to handing out two tracts each week.  We selected the tract and we are pleased with the increasing response.  We anticipate that the Lord will use this witness to lead many individuals to trust Jesus Christ as Savior; that our community will learn that our church is earnest in proclaiming Jesus Christ as Savior; and that our tract distributors will develop into bolder witnesses of Christ.
Rev. R. Lee Buer, Visitation Pastor
Jenison Bible Church
Hudsonville, Michigan

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