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Friday, August 17, 2012

The UN Is Bad News for the U.S.

by Phyllis Schlafly  (Article Link at Eagle Forum)
          The United States has for years been enduring all sorts of anti-American activities and insults from the United Nations, but now the UN has really gone too far, and we shouldn't put up with it any longer. The UN just issued a report proposing procedures for the United Nations to impose a global carbon tax, a tax on international currency transactions, and a direct tax on billionaires. The purpose is to finance global projects to combat climate change. This used to be called global warming, but since the proof is in that the globe is not warming, they now call it climate change. Anti-American UN bureaucrats are salivating at the enormous amount of money this would put at their disposal, probably $400 billion a year.
          That's not all, the UN bureaucrats are planning on stealing from us.
          The news has leaked out that an obscure, secretive UN agency called the World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO shipped sophisticated U.S. computer equipment to Iran and North Korea despite UN and U.S. sanctions against both those governments. U.S. policy is to block their development of nuclear weapons so they won't be able to fire nuclear bombs at us. In addition to being a major threat to U.S. security, these UN shipments violated the restrictions of the equipment manufacturer, Hewlitt-Packard, which forbids any HP equipment from being sent to such regimes.
          The shipment to Iran included 20 Hewlitt-Packard desktop computers that will give Iran significant computing power. The shipments to North Korea also included sophisticated computers.
          Let's face it. The United Nations is not only NOT our friend; the UN is our enemy. It's time to say goodbye and kick all those overpaid anti-American bureaucrats out of their preferential real estate in New York City.
          Listen to the radio commentary here:

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