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Friday, September 21, 2012

Designed to Kill?

by: Ken Ham - answersingenesis.org
              Did you know that according to Genesis, when God announced at the end of Creation Week that everything He made was “very good” (Genesis 1:31), the original world was perfect? 1
           That means there was no death or suffering.  Genesis 1:29-30 says that all animals and the first humans were vegetarian.  Today, however, we observe that some creatures seem designed to kill other creatures.  There are flesh-eating bacteria, carnivores with sharp teeth, poisonous plants, and so on.  So, what happened to the initial “very good” world?
            According to Genesis chapter 3, we live in a cursed, fallen world today.  While we recognize that the beauty we see all around us is evidence that there was a Creator of it all at the very beginning, big changes have happened:
·        Animals that once ate only plants began to eat each other.
·        Sharp teeth that were once used for eating plants and tough-to-open fruit became just as useful for eating flesh.
·        Claws originally used for climbing were also used to kill, etc.
            There is an important application for us today.  When people experience suffering or the death of a loved one, they almost always misplace the blame.  They typically believe God created the world this way—a world full of death.  When cancer kills a loved one, they sometimes often blame God.  Instead, they should blame our sin that started with Adam for the bad things that happen.
            What’s bad and deadly today wasn’t that way originally.  We live in a world marred by sin.  But even in this cursed world, there’s hope: Christ’s death on the Cross brings us forgiveness and new life. answersingenesis.org
1 – Though Adam was created with the potential to sin.
Adapted from the September 12, 2012 broadcast of the Answers … with Ken Ham radio program.  For a listing of the several hundred stations that carry the program, visit www.AnswersInGenesis.org/radiolog
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