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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Special Report! The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction?

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A Must Listen for Discerning Christians:
          Breaking News! Today Brannon plays a powerful presentation by Pastor Eric Douma of Twin City Fellowship. Days before Jonathan Cahn appears in the Twin Cities, Pastor Douma is warning of the dangerous theological issue with Cahn's book. Pastor Douma has done his Biblical homework and lays out point by point the serious theological errors of Cahn's book. After listening to this program if someone can still defend Cahn's book and theology then I think we have to seriously question their discernment and commitment to the authority of Scripture not to mention their lack of ability to study the Bible in context. Be sure to listen and post to your Facebook page.
Click here to listen now: 
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  1. Dear Shannon,

    It is good that you put the disclaimer to your web site which claims that World View Weekend does not necessarily agree with all of the views posed on your site, and that you encourage the free and open exchange of ideas and friendly debate on topics of interest. This is why I am writing to you about The Harbinger today.

    There are a couple of things I feel I should bring to your attention, that I believe as a believer and servant of the Most High God in Jesus the Messiah you ought to know. I do not know how much of this story you have been apprised of, or whether you’ve contacted or been contacted by either party to this controversy, therefore I have come to you to bring to your attention some things you may not have become aware of, therefore I write to you the following.
    I know Rabbi Cahn personally, and have known him for over ten years. He has been accused of everything from being a mystic who promotes Theosophy, to being a Kabbalist, to being a Gnostic, to promoting the Zohar and elevating the writings of the rabbis to the status of the Holy Scriptures, with the rabbi being on equal par with the prophets. Nonsense. Utter nonsense.
    Pastor and Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is not a mystic; he is not a Kabbalist, or a Gnostic, nor does he promote Theosophy, Scientology, or any other aberrant beliefs. He does not consider The Zohar, the Talmud, the rabbinic writings as inspired, nor has he ever elevated the rabbis to status of prophets. Those who contend that he does are bearing false witness against him and his book and his teachings.
    His use of passages in The Zohar, the rabbinic writings of the Talmud, and many of the writings of Judaism are employed as "hostile witnesses" in reinforcing the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by Rabbi Cahn, as they are often used by scholars and apologists to support the veracity of the Scriptures and their reliability, just they and he have used archeology as evidence of the Bible's historicity.

  2. In a court of law, this is called the use of the hostile witness for either cross examination, and it is used quite often by the best lawyers to develop and support their case. This is how Rabbi Cahn uses these writings, and how any Christian, Messianic Jew, or historian employs them, I know firsthand, because I also have used them this way.
    What is it about this that these people (The Harbinger's critics) fail to comprehend, and why do they make these absurd connections and voice these outlandish charges against this man and this book? This question requires a book of its own and I am at work on it as I write this.
    For those who wish to read both sides of the story, there are two websites that I recommend they go to, and even recommend WND to link up to, and they are my own site THE PEPSTER's POST: A VOICE IN CYBERSPACE, and FAITH'S CORNER. Both sites address the critics with cogent, and clear, and honest Biblical answers, and allow their points of view to be posted and addressed accordingly.
    FAITH'S CORNER has been on top of this since The Harbinger was published late last year and earlier this year, and has devoted quite a bit of well-reasoned, well-studied, and clear, cogent analysis of these critics and what they say. Kudos to her. I highly recommend her site. She's been on this since the beginning of the controversy.
    Both Faith and I have been in direct contact on a one to one basis with one of the critics of The Harbinger; and speaking strictly for myself, I have come to realize that this person, who will remain nameless; has a predilection to read more into what one writes or says than the original intent given.
    He also jumps almost immediately to conclusions that simply are not true and not there. He is extremely distrustful, and no matter what efforts one makes to clarify the issue, or to bring it to an amicable end, there is always the question of one's personal veracity being brought into question. He also takes any criticisms, or disagreements with his book and criticisms of The Harbinger very personally.
    I have also realized by careful study of their book, and the several postings they've made on their web sites that there are several underlying problems to their approach of Rabbi

  3. Cahn's book, and they are the following:
    1.) They interpret into Rabbi Cahn's writings and teachings things neither his writings or teachings ever intended to say, though they quote him at length.
    2.) They do this by loading meanings into words that the words do not possess within the context of Rabbi Cahn's book.
    3.) They make semantical issues out words such as "mystery/ies," "secret/s," "prophetic," "inspired," and other adjectives employed by Rabbi Cahn, and give them meanings that Rabbi Cahn does not. Rabbi Cahn simply uses such words and phrases in the context of 1Corinthans 2. As I’ve written elsewhere before, “To the unsaved the Bible is a closed book and its context, mysteries and secrets.” Paul makes this distinction in this entire chapter.
    4.) They come to incorrect conclusions based upon incorrect predetermined premises that have compromised their study with bias.
    5.) They are quick to make conclusions upon their flawed data.
    6.) They have and continue to promote these conclusions and these accusations against Rabbi Cahn regardless of efforts to explain clearly the meaning of what he has written.
    7.) They are bearing false witness against Pastor and Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and against his book The Harbinger, and against everyone who supports it, including WND's excellent documentary on The Harbinger; The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment.

  4. 8.) They have embarked on an all-out campaign against The Harbinger and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, and are in full throttle mode promoting their own book against it.
    9.) They claim to have allowed Rabbi Jonathan Cahn multiple chances to address their charges. I have spoken with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn about this myself. I know the man, I have looked him right in the eye, and have asked him about this; whether or not it is true. It is not. I personally know Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. I do not know these men, and it has become quite evident to me that their distrusting ways and duplicitous methods of attacking other Christians whom they disagree with doctrinally by hiding behind the mantle of "discernment" and "apologetics" is far short the of Biblical mark, though they can quote Scripture to justify what they have done.
    10.) They have taken a bold yet un-Biblical approach to "discernment" by targeting a fellow believer - yes, Pastor and Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Rabbi Cahn is a mainline born again believer in Israel's Messiah, and a firm apologist for the faith.
    11.) Because two or three well trusted "discernment" ministries are at play, the deception is great, because it comes from a corner of Protestant Christianity that many Christians have respected and supported through the years. It has become a veritable Trojan Horse within the very Body of Christ, to sow division and derision between Christians.
    12.) They charge The Harbinger and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn with sowing division in the Body, yet The Harbinger and Rabbi Cahn's teachings came long before the current campaign of marginalization and misinformation they have embarked upon, and it wasn't until they created the controversy that the division began to arise. Therefore their charge that Rabbi Cahn started the division is false and baseless by the evidence.
    13.) They (Eric Douma) have used Aristotelian Logic mixed with Cessationist/Hyper-Dispensational Theology as their hermeneutic to criticize Rabbi Cahn's teachings and his book.
    14.) Because of this, their premise, their analysis based upon this premise, and their conclusions are all incorrect, and I will (Lord willing) make this plain in the book I am currently at work on and will publish in due time as the Lord wills.
    15.) One other thing the critics of The Harbinger have done is accuse Pastor and Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn of Supersessionism (also known as Replacement Theology), because they confuse Rabbi Cahn’s mention of the Pilgrim’s belief in America as a new kind of “Land of Promise” – a “New Israel,” and in their Compact – the Pilgrim’s own Covenantal declaration for God’s blessings upon the land and its inhabitants as long as they keep His commandments and honor Him as their God, and George Washington’s own Covenantal affirmation for God’s blessings upon the new nation, speaking as its leader (as Solomon did when he dedicated the Temple in Jerusalem); both as being a type of their own version of covenant relationship with the Almighty, and therefore because Cahn mentions this in his book , the critics of The Harbinger accuse him of Replacement Theology. Pastor and Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has never taught Supersessionism, and has in fact been a critic of it wherever its reared its ugly Anti-Semitic head.
    Thank you,