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Thursday, December 13, 2012


by Ken Ham
                Did you know that in some Christian circles, it’s become commonplace to doubt the miracles of the Bible? After all, some say, each of the biblical accounts seem to defy the laws of nature: people rising from the dead, the parting of the Red Sea, creating the world, etc.* These events are not naturally occurring.
                Many of these Christians have come under the influence of secular scientists who promote a uniformitarian universe. In other words, a belief that the world basically follows the same patterns as it always has: galaxies rotate, lands erode, animals reproduce, and so on.
                Secularists deny that God created the natural word in the beginning, and that He has not, or even can, intervened in His creation in supernatural ways.
                But God has given us a record of His miraculous (and non-miraculous) actions: the Bible. According to His accurate account of history, God constantly upholds the universe (using His laws of nature) and occasionally suspends or overrides those laws (a miracle) for some special purpose. And both reveal God at work in his creation. answersingenesis.org
*At the very moment this article was being composed, and email from a skeptic arrived, stating: “Miracles exist? Walking on water? Water into wine? Raising the dead? Naive, and your website is a joke” (followed by more condemning words).
Adapted from the November 20, 2012 broadcast of the Answers . . . with Ken Ham radio program. For a listing of the hundreds of stations that carry the program, visit AnswersinGenesis.org/radiolog

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