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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We Need an Anti-Missile Defense

by Phyllis Schlafly - eagleforum.org

Monday, February 04, 2013 - Article Link

          Homeland defense should not mean merely tidying up after a hurricane or tornado, housing a few thousand people in makeshift tents, and setting up food kitchens. North Korea's successful missile launch last December dramatizes the fact that homeland defense demands that our government do what we cannot do for ourselves: have a functioning system that will shoot down enemy missiles before they kill Americans. An operational U.S. anti-missile defense system is not only vital to save lives, but it's the best deterrent to war and attack. We now know that Ronald Reagan won the Cold War at his meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland when Reagan refused to abandon or trade away his plans for anti-missile defense.     
        In the pre-Obama administrations, our strategy was called Mutual Assured Destruction. That meant the Soviet Union was supposed to be deterred from firing its long-range missiles at the United States by our threat to retaliate and totally destroy Russia. But Mutual Assured Destruction is not a deterrent to the Islam terrorists because they seem to be quite willing to commit suicide. Israel has proved the effectiveness and efficiency of anti-missile defense with its system called Iron Dome. It has intercepted more than 400 rockets aimed at Israel's population, which definitely proves that an anti-missile system works and can protect the population.
        The American people must be educated about the fact that a single nuclear weapon exploded 100 miles above the United States could create electromagnetic pulse effects, thereby bringing our entire economy to a standstill. This could cause us to lose all our electric power, communications, transportation, and other critical infrastructure systems. Our country's most urgent national priority is to build a multi-layered missile defense system to protect the American people from being killed by enemy missiles.
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