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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Well, in the wake of the Boston jihad, it seems we are all locked-in to a period of extreme danger. Societal structure is coming apart faster than a Bill Clinton intern story.
Which brings me to a background story that explains much of what we are experiencing today.
When tiny Israel defended herself in June, 1967, a newspaper editorial put it this way:
“If that [moderation from the radicalized Arab states] happens the way could be cleared for a political settlement that eventually could bring peace to the Middle East and a greater measure of security for the world.”
We were naïve then, too.
Few can argue that the jihadists’ top two targets are the Jewish state and her friend, the U.S. Whether jihadists are motivated by political power or religious fervor, the fact remains that when a cold-blooded killer looks at a child he’s about to blow up, we are faced with an existential threat the likes of which the world has rarely if ever known.
And the media spin and Muslim apologists have kicked in to high gear. We will hear a lot in the coming weeks about the “why” along with soul-searching as we try to “understand” why Muslims hate us. As Frank Gaffney said recently (I’m paraphrasing), if so many rank-and-file Muslims don’t support terrorism…where are they? The silence is deafening, and the jihadists are also helped immeasurably by dupes in the West.
I am struck by the fact that two Southern Baptist presidents, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, were among the worst offenders in refusing to see Islam for what it is. They threw Israel under the bus and endangered the rest of us in the process. Clinton knew what Yasser Arafat was (serial killer/mass murderer) yet invited him to the White House 13 times and empowered the PLO.
Before the Boy from Hope, though, we had the Man from Plains. In his odious 2006 book,Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, the mendacious Carter makes the following startling statement:
“The PLO was out of diplomatic bounds for me, still officially classified by the United States as a terrorist organization. Despite this restraint, I sought through unofficial channels to induce Arafat to accept the key U.N. resolutions so that the PLO could join in peace efforts, but he refused.”
A page later, Carter—astoundingly—discusses the threats to Egypt’s Anwar Sadat, who determined for pragmatic reasons to engage the Israelis in peace negotiations:
“High officials in Damascus, Baghdad, Tripoli, and the PLO called for Sadat’s assassination.”
You see, don’t you?
Carter’s new best friend Arafat was trying to kill the only Muslim leader in the world willing to sit down with the Israelis. And Carter hugged Arafat until the day he died.
Does this strike anyone as outrageous? Do you see how dangerous Carter’s worldview was and is? He still thinks Israel is the bad guy and his personal dislike of Jews is almost unfathomable, given his Christian upbringing.
For some time, I’ve been investigating at the leadership level the worldview regarding both Israel and the Arab world. I can say unequivocally that American evangelical leadership is mainstreaming some of the world’s most dangerous people.
Almost as an aside, I can assure you that the vast majority of the “New Evangelicals” do not remotely have a biblical view of Israel and the Jews. That is a key element in the unfolding drama.
No sooner had the child-killer from Boston been nabbed by authorities than evangelical leaders began a social media campaign to advocate for Islam. Kirsten Powers, a FOX news analyst and friend to Millennial evangelical leaders (like Jonathan Merritt) tweeted this week:
“Just b/c the bombing suspects were Muslim, that doesn’t make it ‘terrorism’ any more than a crazy abortion clinic bomber is a terrorist.’”
As a matter of fact, Kirsten, yes it does.
I want you to think about this, in light of what Powers’ tweet stated: the bombing suspects are Muslim, and they committed an act of terror. This makes it terrorism.
What we have here is a dangerous debate of the obvious. In the world inhabited by Kirsten Powers, if I say, “The sky is blue,” she might respond that no, it isn’t blue and in fact, we can’t be sure that’s the sky.
This mindset, in the context of the global jihad war, is problematic.
And when you couple this with the fact that evangelical leadership is being flooded with leftist thinkers, I must settle on warning those who have ears to hear.
While authorities were combing Boston for a jihadist child killer, Bob Roberts Jr. tweeted the following:
“Google MUSLIMS CONDEMN BOSTON BOMBINGS – 15 pages & counting – couldn’t be more clear than that”
That was followed by:
“You are building an impression of what a Jesus follower is to Arabs, Muslims, immigrants right now - be driven by his love & not your fear”
Now, not surprisingly, Ed Stetzer (lead pastor of Grace Church in Hendersonville, TN, and President of the SBC’s LifeWay Research) tweeted:
“Saddened by anti-Muslim hate spewed by some self-identified Xians online. Jesus told us NOT to respond like the world.”
A friend of Roberts is John Esposito, professor of International Affairs and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University. This particular Middle East studies program, like most, is funded by the Saudis. Esposito will be a headline speaker at Roberts’ Global Faith Forum in November. If you care to check out the lineup of speakers Roberts has invited (www.globalfaithforum.com), prepare to be scared.
But then, of course, Roberts and his friend Stetzer claim that many of us are motivated by fear, right?
When one considers that a dangerously myopic view about jihad now lies at the very heart of evangelicalism in America, one can see how many gains the jihadists have made. For example, Roberts touts that “Muslims condemn” bombings. Yet he seems clueless that the Koran (and the Muslim Brotherhood uses this tactic, along with an insidious plan to “build bridges” through interfaith dialogue, wishing only to capture new converts) actively encourages Muslims to lie when it serves a tactical purpose.
It might interest you to know, too, that both Roberts and Stetzer (along with Rick Warren) have blocked me from their Twitter accounts. I suppose because I ask questions they don’t want to answer. So much for tolerance from these tie-dyed peaceniks. I’ve discovered that they are very friendly to anyone who isn’t a conservative Christian who questions their various initiatives.
Now, one more thing that is relevant to this discussion.
Growing up in the SBC, I assumed the denomination was largely “pro Israel.” Certainly, even now, there are many local congregations and pastors who are just that, genuinely.
However, the gatekeepers at all levels of the (still) largest Protestant denomination are not that.
For example, a trip to any LifeWay Christian bookstore reveals a diverse stew of authors and themes. From a map of “Palestine in the time of Jesus” (even though “Palestine” didn’t exist in the first century), to books by change agents like Margaret Feinberg and, yes, Jimmy Carter, you can be crystal clear that a genuine, biblical (and otherwise) understanding of Israel will be missing.
Feinberg, a rapidly rising star among authors, wrote a piece for Catalyst Space, in which she followed the leftist line about Israel (http://juicyecumenism.com/2013/02/18/evangelical-left-voices-and-israel/).
(By the way, after I reported this story, which appeared on the Catalyst website, the Feinberg piece disappeared. Perhaps it is still there, but the website has undergone a facelift.)
The thing is, the radicalized Arab states are not going to become moderate. Yet our leftist thinkers in the Evangelical world—who have already permanently hijacked the movement—think accommodation can be made with Muslims. They also think the Arab-Israeli conflict is Israel’s fault.
Before we leave this topic, I also need to alert you to the sad news that the Assemblies of God also has this same strain of Israelphobia, coupled with a disturbing form of leftist ideology that would make a 60s prof at Berkeley clap and blush.
A few days ago, Jeff Walton of the Institute on Religion & Democracy (www.ird.org) broke a huge story, detailing remarks by Dr. Paul Alexander (out-going president of the Society for Pentecostal Studies) at a meeting at Seattle Pacific University.
You can read the account here (http://juicyecumenism.com/2013/04/08/race-sex-and-liberation-pentecostal-studies-president-steers-society-in-new-direction/) and please notice the photo used with the story; it shows Alexander at some sort of pro Palestinian demonstration, and he is flanked by Israeli soldiers. Alexander is a leading Palestinian apologist among those who identify as evangelicals. The above-mentioned story covers much more than his pro Palestinian activism, and represents a shocking shift in ideology, deep within the AG.
author-imageI will be reporting much more on that story in the coming weeks.
Suffice to say that if our current religious leaders are taking left turns this extreme, it remains for the rank-and-file to educate themselves and resolve to tough-it-out in a shifting religious-culture climate.
I urge readers to avail themselves of the following information and button-up as the Church unravels.

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