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Friday, May 31, 2013

Francis Chan Rebukes Mike Gendron?

Posted by Christine Pack - Article Link

In February of 2003, Christian apologist Mike Gendron was invited by Francis Chan to give a presentation at Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, CA where Chan is the pastor. Gendron is a former Catholic and founder of the ministry Proclaiming The Gospel, which is devoted to explaining why Catholic teachings and traditions are unbiblical, and simply do not line up with Scripture. After giving his presentation at Cornerstone Church, Gendron was about to go into the Q&A section of his talk when Chan came onto the stage and prevented this from happening. He also expressed to the audience his concern over having invited Gendron to speak at his church, and that he thought parts of Gendron's presentation were "cold" and "sarcastic."
Mike Gendron (L) and Francis Chan (R)

The reason I'm covering a story that is ten years old is because Mike Gendron recently went on Brannon Howse's show to discuss what happened. From the Worldview Weekend show notes:
(WVW 5/13/13) Mike Gendron joins Brannon on this program. Topic: Francis Chan apologizes to his church, visiting Catholics and the secular media after former Catholic Mike Gendron finishes a message on the Biblical gospel. Chan shut down the meeting and stopped any question and answer time from taking place and then publically announced his regret for inviting Mike to speak at his church. The apology was covered in the secular news the next day. Topic: What message was Chan sending to the unsaved followers of the false gospel of the Church of Rome? Can Chan be trusted as a minister of the gospel? (source)
This topic was also discussed by Dave Hunt and Tom McMahon in The Berean Call back in January of 2012, before Dave Hunt passed away. From the article, More Sparks Between Catholics and Evangelicals:
Tom McMahon: (H)e had this experience of going to this church and then, he was about to give a Q and A, and say, “All right, now let’s have an interaction.” (Pastor Francis Chan) stood up and said, “No!” He was offended by what Mike had to say, and he began ten minutes of apology to the audience! Wow! 
Dave Hunt: It’s sad that political correctness seems to rule the day. When it comes to Islam, we must be politically correct; when it comes to Catholicism, we must be politically correct. Rather let someone go to hell than offend their feelings. There is something really sad out there, Tom. Christians don’t think—we don’t recognize that truth is truth. It is black and white; you can’t compromise, you don’t dialogue with God, you don’t re-negotiate with God. The Bible has made it very clear exactly what the gospel is. It’s a matter of justice. God is the one who makes the rules. He created this universe; He created us. We’re going to have to go His way, and Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man comes to the Father but by me.” But these people think that’s too narrow minded. 
The Catholic Church is not true to the gospel of Jesus Christ, as you know, but we don’t want to point that out because that might offend someone. Let’s let them go to hell. (source)
On a personal note, I have heard Mike Gendron's presentation which contrasts Christianity and Catholicism a number of times, and it is hard to imagine Gendron being perceived as "cold" and "sarcastic." I'm not saying he is infallible and might not ever sin in this way, I'm just saying it's very hard for me to imagine it. As I said, I've heard Mike's presentation several times, and I've also listened to him be interviewed many, many times on the same topic. But please don't take my word for it: if you follow this link, you will find a number of interviews that Mike has given. Judge for yourself if he is cold and sarcastic. What you will find, I believe, is that Mike's heart genuinely is to labor lovingly, graciously, earnestly and biblically for the truth. His desire truly is to help Roman Catholics see the futility of their beliefs, and their need for the all sufficient Savior of the Bible, not the "Jesus" of the Roman Catholic teachings who give a nod to Jesus, but not his all-sufficiency. It's not enough that they claim belief in Jesus, the question is: which Jesus? The Jesus of the Bible who made full payment for our sins on the Cross? or the Catholic "Jesus" who couldn't quite get the job done, and needs us to add our works to his work on the Cross to get us to heaven?  In closing, whouldn't we all, as Christians, be doing as Mike does, and laboring earnestly with the lost? After all, it is Bible believing Christians alone who have the life-giving truth that all the world so desperately needs.
"Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints." (Jude 1:3)
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1 comment:

  1. ................After years of setting under the teaching's of Chan "apart from the seemingly hyper-calvinists company and venues he Chan teaches at" He still seems to show fault in a very loving and Bible sound way. The more and more I investigate, I have come to 3 conclusions as of this time I am writing. It could be one soon (which is branding Chan by his fruits and efforts to make the ecumenical movement palatable ~BAD!) Or God has placed a supernatural measure of God's grace in Christ as Paul thee Apostle had? To reach into the most walled forms of how people "do church" and bring home the basics (not placing basics due to his series of BASIC "Who is God?" & "We are Church) of 7 short-length DVD's with workbooks for Bible Study, and more. If we focused JUST on that, brother "as of current" Chan would be a reformer of the American churchianity we are majority shuffled into by man's traditions, and being taught what ever tickles the ear..
    **YET, I have deep concern how far and deep he has gone into such denominations! Why? Because he praises the speaker before of after him, who is teaching an erroneous doctrine.
    So, we shall see. Francis could have started out in the Church/Body and never really been part as spoken in 1 John? Or He could be reaching into a fire, hating even the garments of those who are pulled out..
    Ye! There is enough concrete evidence to do the new "in fad" for professing Christians *(When if they spent half the time exposing others, seeking the face of Christ, they would be so full of Joy, the only exposing they would be doing , would be in tears and righteous anger for said person!)
    But it's the new thing, and the devils design...... So, with brother Chan we shall see!... Even IF he has turned onto the wrong path, we can find so many legit teachings that are flavored with the qualities of a godly man!.... Including The BASIC series, and his wife Lisa's 3 Teaching DVD's that have challenged my spiritual walk!...
    God's Will be done in Jesus Name, May He continue to get the glory, and may the fanfare of "christian-fame by expose's be snuffed out".... Most of the professing Christians get their smoking gun from secular sources "go figure"
    Jesus Christ is Preparing a Place for us, and shall return When Time. Let us focus on Him more than ANYTHING... The secondaries are Second, less we loose our first love!