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Friday, June 5, 2015

Maybe You Haven’t Noticed: God Made Two Sexes

Having decreed that God did not invent marriage, our culture has moved on to a new cause célèbre: the claim that neither did God invent gender.
Last week Fairfax County Schools (where I live) considered a measure to no longer teach that there are two genders, but rather that gender exists on a spectrum, as well as to move the curriculum out of the science department and into the health department so that parents can no longer opt their students out. This all follows their vote a few weeks ago to allow cross-dressing teachers and essentially end gender segregated bathrooms.
By the way, Fairfax is one of the ten largest public school districts in the US.  
This sort of vote is becoming more common, and legally enshrines all manner of gender nonsense. A school in Washington State (Evergreen State College) has a 46-year-old male enrolled in class there, but who spends much of his time in the women’s locker rooms. A few years ago he decided to “identify” as a woman, and start using the women’s locker room, which the school also shares with a nearby day school and local swim clubs. When grade school students began to complain about seeing an adult male walking around nude, the school said that they had no choice but to allow the student to use the women’s locker room. Had they intervened, they would have risked violating the Washington State Constitution, which bans discrimination based on gender.
I relay that story because when that first happened it was regarded as an unfortunate side-effect of adding gender to non-discrimination clauses (in fact, the school spokesperson said that they “are not 1959 Alabama, and we don’t call the police for someone drinking from the wrong water fountain”). But this new wave of gender confusion doesn’t look at naked men walking around the women’s locker room as an unfortunate side-effect of protecting gender confused people, but rather as the goal.
Fairfax County released a FAQ sheet to community leaders that stressed that the practical effects of their changing policy are that a male teacher can wear a dress and heels to class, and a female student can use the boy’s bathrooms. Progress can’t be stopped.
We should at least admire the logic: if the culture has succeeded in saying that gender doesn’t matter for marriage, how in the world can we say it should matter for bathrooms? Which is a more fundamental component of society: marriages or urinals? Having decided that boy parts and girl parts are just coincidental to marriage, what argument is left to make that they do matter for bathrooms?
And that is exactly why bathrooms are the next frontier in the war against God. If a person has as his goal the absolute suppression of all truth about God, he has a few major obstacles. He sees God in the world (evolution!), in his own existence (gay marriage!), in his own conscience (sear it!), and in his biological sex. Where in our world are you confronted with the fact that your biological sex matters? The bathroom. Every.Single.Time.
The T part of the LGBT movement claims that “gender” is arbitrary, and not connected to your biological parts. To which the bathroom sign says, “Umm…ok, but this room is for people with male parts.” Their response is to start with the elementary school students and see if they can’t raise an entire generation that looses the connection between your sex organ and your sexual identity. I wonder if it will work?
When Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem to be crucified, he passed through the Judean wilderness (out where John had been ministering). While Jesus was drawing huge crowds, the Pharisees sought to erode his credibility by asking him what they probably imagined to be a trick question. “Is divorce legitimate?” they wanted to know (Mark 10:2).
Jesus’ answer is funny, but I’d never noticed the humor in it until the Fairfax School Board lost their collective minds. He said, “From the beginning of creation, God made them male and female” (vs. 6). In other words, “maybe you haven’t noticed this, but there are males and there are females.”
This current front in the culture war gets that the very existence of gender belies the fact that God made us male and female. We can have more coherent responses when people ask us to explain why gender matters, but we do well to simply remember Jesus’ words: “God made them male and female.” If you have male, and you have female, you have God making them.
People hate gender because they hate God. Only time will tell if they can successfully brainwash a generation into thinking gender is as insignificant as they think God is.
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